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If you have a vacation home in Marbella, and surroundings, that you want to rent out for shorter or longer periods we are here to help you. We know, from experience, that renting out your private home can involve mixed feelings, be a bit tricky and that there is a lot to think about. That is why we have started Sunstars, to offer you our knowledge, experience, expertise and efficient ways of working. We will take care of the entire rental process from A to Z. We take responsibility, are super professional and know what is important when renting out in a safe and secure way.

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Do you wish to rent out your home?

We take care of your home and offer you the best service!

Do you want the champagne in your refrigerator when you arrive, or do you want to make a reservation at a guide restaurant, or is it time to repaint and re-decorate? No task is too big or too small for us. We take care of your wishes, questions and needs with the same energy and joy. Our team is knowledgeable and professional, and we collaborate with a carefully selected group of partners who are equally professional and even more experienced

Protect & Preserve

We assure that your home is properly cared for while you are not here yourself. A Protect & Preserve subscription with Sunstars gives you increased security and a certainty that nothing happens. It is considered “preventive maintenance”. Contact us so we can discuss a plan that works best for your needs and property

Interior and furnishing

Have you just bought a home in Marbella and need help with the interior? Or do you feel it would be time to freshen up a bit? Let us help you create your dream home.


Does your home need little attention and to be a bit more attractive before renting it out or selling it? We can make sure that your home is in top shape.

Cleaning, housekeeping and maintenance

We use reputable cleaning and garden companies so that you can relax while you are here or when you are away from your vacation home in Spain

Let us contact you to discuss how we can make your life easier!